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Theatre Laboratory of Drama and Speech

The use of updated teaching methods combining theory and practice in a discursive and creative way, is more than necessary

The “Theatre Laboratory of Drama and Speech” aims at bringing together the theoretical learning offered by the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Patras with theatre practice, thus promoting a deeper understanding of the theatrical phenomenon. Drawing on aspects of applied theatre, theatre education, as well as other forms of artistic experiential activities, the Laboratory researches on and enriches the educational programme of the Department. It proposes a workshop process and approach on issues such as theatre education, expression, speech, movement, etc.  

As theatre studies are diverse, and hence they cover a wide range of academic and practical subjects, the use of updated teaching methods combining theory and practice in a discursive and creative way, is more than necessary.

Among the subjects that participants may come across in theatre studies, the education and the theatre for children and young people is a field of special importance. It is a field to which the participants should contribute with originality and a deep pedagogical training later in their career as theatre education professionals. The approach of ancient Greek drama with emphasis on aspects of performance often arises as another field of special interest to theatre students.                                                                   

The “Theatre Laboratory of Drama and Speech” of the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Patras has an experiential character and a deep interest in research. It serves the need for the development of experience and practice in the fields of study and teaching of artistic expression, movement, music, oral and written speech, translation, theatre direction and production.


Among other objectives, the “Theatre Laboratory of Drama and Speech” aims at:


Practicing and applying the art of theatre in general terms but also specifically on the theatre for children and young people, as well as the theatre education


Employing rationalized pedagogical, methodological, and artistic approaches and fostering applied drama


Developing contemporary approaches in teaching literature


Cultivating playwriting and translation for the theatre


Offering linguistic, artistic and aesthetic training to students


Cultivating stage art in combination with a deeper knowledge on all forms of the performative arts


Developing the vocal and kinetic skills of the participants


Exploring the substantial interaction of all arts

“Theatre Laboratory of Drama and Speech” also aims at producing instructive materials, texts and curricula for all levels of theatrical education, which will support both educators and artists. Training for workshops and seminars will also be organized. More specifically, the “Theatre Laboratory of Drama and Speech” will organize and carry out certified workshops and seminars, which will diffuse and apply scientific knowledge about the art of theatre. These workshops and seminars will be either short or long term (i.e. running for one to two years) and will address to education professionals of primary and secondary schools. Upon completion of a seminar /workshop, the participants:

  • will be able to organize experiential courses/ groups for theatre pedagogics and promotion-encouragement skills
  • will have gained experience in creating theatre performances, performance art, cultural activities in schools, communities, municipalities, as well as other activities, such as exhibitions, lectures, festive or theme events and others
  • will have gained experience by participating in performances of puppet theatre, shadow theatre, and mixed genres (dance theatre, musical, opera etc.)
  • will have gained experience in drafting artistic and cultural proposals for bilateral and international (e.g. European) programs in the arts and culture.

In addition, the “Theatre Laboratory of Drama and Speech” places particular importance in the scientific research on theatre,  thus aiming at organising national and international conferences, symposia, and colloquia, in collaboration with laboratories, university faculties and departments, as well as scientific organizations in Greece and abroad.

The “Theatre Laboratory of Drama and Speech” is involved in creating and producing artistic and cultural events with the participation of the teaching staff, the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Patras, as well as with artists and education professionals.

Finally, among the goals of the “Theatre Laboratory of Drama and Speech” is the proposal and implementation of European or International co-financed artistic, cultural, educational or other programs, in collaboration with international and Greek institutions.

Working team

Agis Marinis

Director 2023-2026, Associate Professor of the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Patras

Katia Savrami

Director 2020-2023, Choreologist, Associate Professor of the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Patras

The members of Special Teaching Staff of the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Patras (in alphabetical order):

Maria Frangi, PhD Theater Studies, Theatre Director, Special Teaching Staff of the Department of Theatre Studies-University of Patras

Born in Athens. Graduated from the Drama School “Peiraikos Syndesmos” and from the Faculty of Letters- University of Athens in 1986. Since 1987 – postgraduate studies in literature and theater studies in Paris. PhD of Letters and Human Sciences- specialization in Performing Arts-THEATER, from the University PARIS X-NANTERRE (1996). Directed professional and amateur theater companies, taught theater (theory and practice) at the University of Crete, at the National University of Athens, University of Patras, and many training programs. Postdoctoral research and courses at the postgraduate program (Master2) at the University of Sorbonne-Paris IV and other Universities. As Director of the Greek Cultural Center in Cairo she founded and directed the publication “PAPYROI” n.1-8 (2007 -2010). Participated in the program MELINA ,  in creating the Cross Curriculum Program for the Theatre ( 1998 & 2015) , the Curriculum for the Culture & Arts of the New School (Pedagogical Institute – 2010) and the Major Program of training Educators (Arts in education) (2011). Author of the “Theatrical Education for Primary School” Pedagogical Institute, 2006 and of the book «Practicing theatre/drama at school”, 2011.

Despina Georgakopoulou

Despina Georgakopoulou, Special Teaching Staff of The Department of Theatre Studies-University of Patras. Graduate of the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Patras (Bachelor’s degree). M(aster) in Acting in R.S.A.M.D. (Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama) in Glasgow. Participated: Romanticism (actress), directed by Michael Marmarinos., Soldier’s fortune (actress), directed by Alan Dunnett in New Athenaum Theatre in Glasgow. Cassandra, the Lying Game (actress and writer), directed by Alan Dunnett, in venue 13 in Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Public Spaces (director’s assistant), directed by Michael Marmarinos at Theseum – A theatre for the arts. World in Bottom (actress), by Gary Owen, directed by Ector Lygizos. Theatre Amore. Cassandra Gig (actress and writer), directed by Amalia Moutousi and Dimitris Kamarotos, in Benaki Museum in Athens and Lithografion Theatre in Patras. The Path ( writer and director ) Athens University History Museum, Plaka, Athens. Performance: A visit in Antigone’s tomb (director). Work in progress in the Archaeological Site of Mycenaen tombs in Vounteni, Patras.
Filmography: 2010        Hora Proelefsis (actress), directed by Syllas Tzoumerkas.
Amanda K. Coomaraswamy, Four essays, (translator)

Dr A. Kordellou, Special Teaching Staff of the Department of Theatre Studies-University of Patras

She studied piano, singing and music theory at the Hellenic and the P. Nakas Conservatory, and received a Bachelor degree in Musical Studies from the National and Kapodistriako University of Athens (with Integrated Master). After earning a Master degree (D.E.A.) from the University Paris IV-Sorbonne (she wrote a thesis on the musical theater of the 20th century), pursued her doctoral studies obtaining a PhD in music analysis. She has taught music at schools of the primary education (2009-2017) and organized-participated in several educational-cultural programs. She has also taught at Institutes of Professional Formation in Patras and Athens (Departments of Sound recording) and at the Superior Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands (2003-2011). From 2017, she has been working as member of the Special Teaching Staff at the Department of Theatrical Studies/University of Patras. She has participated in international conferences about Greek music and music education, in Greece and abroad, and published articles of musicological and pedagogical interest in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. She speaks and writes English, French and German.

Dr Vicky Manteli

Dr Vicky Manteli is a member of the Special Teaching Staff of the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Patras. She teaches anglophone theatre and the workshop of theatre translation. She has also taught at the Hellenic Open University and at the postgraduate programme of Theatre Studies at the Open University of Cyprus. A graduate of the Department of English Language and Literature (University of Athens), she holds an MA in Drama (University of Kent at Canterbury), a postgraduate degree in Greek Theatre (University of Athens). Her doctoral thesis is on the translation and the performance of Aristophanes’ comedy The Acharnians. Her research focuses on humour and comedy, modern dramaturgy, and the reception (translation and performance) of classical Greek drama. She has published in international and Greek journals (Theatre Journal, Didaskalia, etc.) and also in edited volumes (Benjamins, Bloomsbury). She has published a monograph on Greek playwright Loula Anagnostaki (2014). She has been a member of the Hellenic Centre of the International Theatre Institute where she served as (deputy) general secretary. She has also collaborated with the Hellenic Centre of Theatre and Dance as consultant for the theatre (2008-2011).

Yianna Roilou

Yianna Roilou (Ph.D in Theatre Studies) was born in Athens and lives in Patras where she teaches theatre in the Department of Theatre Studies in the University of Patras and playwriting in the Hellenic Open University. She studied modern Greek Literature in Athens and theatre in England.  She is a founder member of “Theatro Neon” and a member of Assitej Greece. She has worked as a writer and a dramatourg in productions of Theatro Neon and Municipal Theatre of Agrinio and she has collaborated with the theatres Lithographio and Kantharos in Patras. She has published as an editor the book Theatre for Children 2: Theatre and School published by Assitej Greece in 2002 and sponsored by the Greek Ministry of Culture, and as a writer four small volumes of original fairy tales under the general title: Stories, Kokkini Klosti Demeni Publishing House ( 2009),her thesis Ancient Greek Tragedy and Hellenikotita: The Making of a Greek Aesthetic Style of Performance, 1919-1967, Εκδόσεις: VDM Verlag Dr Müller (2009), the poetic composition The journey of Ka into the Khat,  Giannis Pikramenos’ Publishing House (2010), the theatrical play for children A thousand and one stories of the desert, Astir Publishing House (2018), and the science fiction theatre play, Sphinx 2081, the Water Cities, Sokoli Publishing House (2020).


Government Gazette 685B/4-3-2020 on the founding of the TLDS

Government Gazette 638 Issue ΥΟΔΔ/14-8-2020 on the election of the TLDS Director 2020

Election of the TLDS Director 2023

Committee of Faculty Members

Antonis Volanakis, Agis Marinis , Valentina Di Napoli, Ioanna Papageorgiou, Aikaterini (Katia) Savrami, George Sampatakakis. All members’ contact info here.



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